Monday, September 26, 2011

Is Katy Perry Evil?

So here's the thing...

Today I'm driving down the road, no kids in the car, and a Katy Perry song comes on the radio.  

It's Teenage Dream.  

It's a really catchy song that I have been very clear with my kids they are NOT allowed to listen to because the lyrics are so wrong it makes me sick.  And yet every time it comes on the radio I want to listen to it because really, it's catchy.  But I don't.  I change the station because I don't think I should be listening to it for the same reasons my kids shouldn't be.

So the next station I turn to also had a Katy Perry song playing.

Last Friday Night.

And I'm met with the same dilemma.  I actually like to listen to the song but I feel like it's really wrong.  The lyrics are so messed up, especially for young kids to be hearing messages like this.  So I turned it off and I started thinking, how does somebody feel like it is okay to put these messages out to kids and teenagers (or anyone for that matter)?

Shane and I have talked about Katy Perry a lot and what to do about her songs because the kids all want to listen to her and all their friends at school listen to her.  They even play her music at school carnivals from the DJ booth.  Shane thinks she is evil and her lyrics make me think maybe she is too.  Her songs are the last thing I want my kids listening to.  

I decided to research her a little more today to try to figure out where she came from and why she does what she does.  I went to the ever reliable Wikipedia where I learned she is the daughter of two pastors (of course!) and her mother never let her listen to "secular" music growing up, only gospel music.  When she began pursuing her music career her first attempts were at Gospel Rock and she was highly unsuccessful.  Of course she was.  There is nothing sexy or immediately gratifying about Gospel Rock so why would anyone care? It was only once she went to pop and dropped all things moral that she was highly, EXTREMELY successful.  Suddenly she got triple platinum songs and albums, her success is even compared to Michael Jackson in some areas, and she gets married to Russell Brand.  

As I read all that I tried to think about every moment she realized she was compromising morally for the success she really wanted, and I am certain there were a lot of moral compromises going on.  Especially for someone who grew up with a religious background.  Then at the end of her wiki page there is this quote:

In an interview with Rolling Stone she said, "I am sensitive to Russell taking the Lord's name in vain and to Lady Gaga putting a rosary in her mouth. I think when you put sex and spirituality in the same bottle and shake it up, bad things happen."

And there I found it.  The rationalization that allows her to do what she does.  She has convinced herself that as long as you don't put sex and spirituality together that it's okay.  That statement, combined with the songs that she sings, is so absurd it is just too much for me to take.

I have some news for you Katy Perry, bad things also happen when you promote teenage sex as fun and exciting.

There will be repercussions for the teenagers that buy into it and someday, there will be repercussions for you.

So is Katy Perry Evil? 

I don't think so.  I think the word I would chose would be "confused", which is what happens when you compromise on your morality.  You get really, really confused.  

She doesn't know what she's doing anymore... and that's scary.


The Dixon Family said...

Interesting post. Along the same vein, I watched a documentary on her and the spiritualism her parents espoused was weird. No dirt devil. No deviled eggs. Then they let her go live with some music exec. I don't see her as evil but rather as a reminder that if we don't continue to seek after light, we slowly lose it and become as bad-if not worse-than everyone else. I don't listen to her, either.

LanaBanana said...

Well you know there's no listening to that 'hussy' round here. :) I don't actually think she's evil nor do I think that many of the artists out there are. I think it's just like you said, they are able to rationalize everything they do. Usually with phrases like, "I'm not hurting anyone..." PLEASE. So socially irresponsible. You know exactly who idolizes you and that everything you say will be taken as gospel truth to these young people. But they all take the Pilate approach and wash their hands of any wrong doing. Sad.

Greg and Tammy said...

I concur. Good post.

Emily said...

Agreed. It is gross. Catchy songs-yes, but disgusting-even more so. She is definitely not the only one. Sadly.

Natalie said...

I love this post. I agree about her music. I was listening to a catchy song the other day with Taylor in the car. When I realized how bad the lyrics were I changed the station. He asked if it was a bad song "because he said ..." I felt bad that he had to hear it. I had no idea he even payed attention to the words.

Liz said...

i also think shes a coward. cuz the first several times she compromised her moral standards for a shot at money and fame she knew exactly what she was doing and she just did it anyway. i also change those catchy songs cuz i dont wanna be the kind of mom who is a different person when my kids arent around. so "go, us!" we aint no cowards!

Rachelle said...

It reminds me of Brittany Spears when she boasted that she was a virgin. Satan quadrupled his forces and before you knew it she was the sleeze of the century! After all "good girls" cant possibly be any fun! I have a sneaky feeling both girls know better and that is all part of their long list of problems! Hooray for morality and moms that teach it to their children!

Anonymous said...

What goes around Perry she is not a nice person.


Holli said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post.
I am confused as well: do I prohibit my child listening to certain artists, therefore fuelling her desire ever more to listen; or, do I allow her to listen and set constant reminders for her to be mindful of what kind of messages come through, that she should consciously reject?

Also I don't think the worst of Katy Perry is the sexiness. I think the worst is her video's promotion of war. That, in my mind, does not make her an innocent who's been comprimised- that makes her directly responsible.

Being the daughter of pastors, she should know full well, you can't serve God and mammon.

Emmanuel Sayson said...

I'm very sad to know that she came from a spiritual background. She will die empty if she will not repent. Just like Elvis Prestley...

Anonymous said...

She is evil

Daniella Cargile said...

Interesting post. Though i cant say i completely agree. I myself am a 14 year old teenager and i listen to katy perry almost everyday. Even though i listen to her catchy music i listen closely to the lyrics and i get what your saying but i have never had sex or any form of sexual activity. So i dont think her message is teenage sex is a fun thing.